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Northern Nigeria Tourism
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Explore, Enjoy and Experience with NNT Go-hiking

Thanks to the beautiful and sometimes rugged scenery and a great climate, Northern Nigeria is a great destination for hiking.

There are many trails lasting from just a few hours to several days.

The contrast is vast from the several rolling hills, fascinating caves, stone monoliths, rock formations, to dozens of mountains and all the game parks and reserves in between. Each trail has its own wonderful wildlife, bird life, and heritage, plant life as well as fascinating geographical contrasts. There is no better way to experience wild and interesting places than to put your boots on and your feet on the ground with specially trained guides.

Go-Hiking Upcoming Hike Event in Kaduna

Event Focus :

Hiking Expedition to Queen Amina of Zazzau Kingdom.

Queen Amina's Picture

You are all invited to an unforgettable hiking expedition at the Turunku region of Zaria Emirate of Kaduna State with lots of fun and activities plus history at the Kingdom of Queen Amina followed by Picnic and special local culinary treats

 Zazzau Region

Queen Amina was born around 1533 in Zazzau a province of Nigeria now known as Zaria in Kaduna State; Amina chose to learn military skills from the warriors. She became the queen after the death of her brother by expanding the domain of Zazzau kingdom to its largest size ever. She is credited with popularising the earthen city walls fortifications (Ganua), which became characteristics of Hausa cities - states since then. She ordered building of a defensive wall around each military camp she established. This woman lived on a beautiful natural heritage mountain where she ran her army.
Reaching the top of her kingdom will make you appreciate why she was addressed 'as a woman capable as a man'. Her throne carved in stone, her grinding stone, remnant of her room plus lots to discover.

 Zazzau Region

You will love

  • The mild weather
  • The warm sunset colors
  • The flat top mountain setting and lots of discoveries
  • Watching the sunset from the top of the hill
  • The spectacular panoramic landscapes
  • The friendly picnic and local treats.

Turunku Local Government Area, Zaria Emirate of Kaduna State.

Display Event Schedule

Programme Schedule
Fri. October 30 2009
Registration and Briefing 2pm - 7pm
Sat. October 31, 2009
Breakfast Departure 7am - 8am
Visit to Zaria Emirate 9am - 12 noon
Lunch at Turunku 1pm - 2pm
Hiking 2pm - 5pm
Picnic/barbecue 5pm - 6pm
Departure 6pm
Sat. November 07, 2009
Breakfast Departure 7am - 8am
Visit to Zaria Emirate 9am - 12 noon
Lunch at Turunku 1pm - 2pm
Hiking 2pm - 5pm
Picnic/barbecue 5pm - 6pm
Departure 6pm
Sat. November 14, 2009
Breakfast Departure 7am - 8am
Visit to Zaria Emirate 9am - 12 noon
Lunch at Turunku 1pm - 2pm
Hiking 2pm - 5pm
Picnic/barbecue 5pm - 6pm
Departure 6pm

Difficulty level
(i)   Medium (ii)   Easy Book for Event

Important Information for Participants

What to wear during a hiking trip? (Valid for all seasons and all destinations)

  • Solid and comfortable clothing (trousers)
  • Solid and comfortable hiking shoes (If not available, solid and comfortable sport shoes)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

What to put in my backpack? (valid for all seasons and all destinations)

  • Water (1.5litres/person/day) also provided plus treats.
  • Food (healthy energetic food, like dried fruits, cereal bars, chocolate) also provided plus local culinary treats.
  • Gloves
  • Torch light – not essential
  • Mobile phone (for contact)
  • Identity card

Are there any rules participants should comply to?

We endorse the principles of responsible eco-tourism and sustainable development. Therefore, our participants agree to comply with some rules We behave as visitors in nature and among local communities.

  • We keep nature clean and we only leave footsteps behind.
  • We never harm or capture animals
  • We respect private properties.
  • We respect local communities and their traditions

For SAFETY reasons, participants are invited to:

  • Never leave the group.
  • Walk behind the guide, never ahead of him/her
  • Never take short cuts or follow different trails

In general, participants are kindly invited to follow the instructions of their friendly and fully trained guide.

How difficult are the hiking trips?

Every hiking trip includes information about the difficult level.

We have 5 difficulty levels
  • Very Easy: 1-3 hours at very slow pace, on easy trails, including very few uphill and downhill
  • Easy: 2-4 hours at slow pace, on rather easy trails, including some uphill and downhill.
  • Medium: 3-5 hours at slow pace, on easy and some rugged trails, including some uphill and downhill.
  • Advanced: 5-6 hours at medium pace, on rugged trails, including many uphill and downhill.
  • Difficult: 6-9 hours at medium pace, on rugged trails, including many steep uphill and downhill.

For safety reasons NNT Go-hiking has the right to modify the itinerary without prior notice. Therefore, participants should be able to walk more than initially planned.
In case of any health problems, participants are advised to get the approval of their doctor before hiking and to inform NNT Go-hiking of these problems. this is to enable NNT Go-Hiking, make neccessary appropriate plans for such participant(s) if need be.

Risks & Disclaimer

Although NNT Go-hiking takes many measures to ensure safety, participants are informed that outdoors activities may be considered as risky and may lead to accidents. Our guides are fully trained and meet international standard. Participants are invited to inform NNT Go-hiking of any health problems and to fully comply with the instructions of their guides.

NNT Hiking Online Reservation form

Reservations are required for all adventures with us.

Please complete the form below to make a reservation for the Kaduna hiking event or email us to submit an enquiry. Reservations are taken on a space available basis. We will confirm reservations by email/SMS within 3days of receiving them.

Looking for a last minute day hike guide ?.
Send us an email via: gohiking@northernnigeriatourism.com
If we have a trip that is not already full or a guide available, we would be happy to work with you.


Day Hiking:10,000:00 (Ten Thousand) Naira Only (incl: transportation,Lunch /Barbecue, Entertainment and Insurance). ***Airfares and hotel booking are supplementary***

Payments should be made into: A/c No.: 313-211424-7-110, A/c Name:NNT Nigeria Limited.,Guaranty Trust Bank, Plc.

***NNT has not designated any agent to accept/process payments on its behalf apart from the Bank Account specified herein. ***

Go-Hiking Booking Form


Participants should be able to walk more than 2 hours on mountain trails.
Please inform us of any health problems when booking.
Your booking is NOT CONFIRMED until you receive a confirmation by email Please book only if 100% sure to come.